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Krev ei, min venn, at jeg skal gåten klare.

Jeg spørger helst, mitt kall er ei at svare.

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Birthdate:Feb 15
Website:Kam @ LJ
` K A M E R A
Kamera is a 15 year old girl, born in Molde, Norway. My mother is Asian/Chinese, so unlike most people in Norway, I'm not blonde, nor do I have blue eyes. But I am proud of my asian roots, and I'm glad that I don't look like almost everyone else. Throughout my whole life I've been interested in DRAWING, WRITING and LANGUAGES, which is what I want to work with when I'm older. I really like fashion, so if I got the chance I would try myself out in that part. I'm still in jr. high school, and I'm applying for High School next year, studying normal subjects + art.

` K A M E R A ♥ L I K E S

I enjoy MUSIC, ART and CULTURE the most and I really like learning something new from it every day. If it comes to sports I like to do, it's FENCING, VOLLEYBALL and TENNIS; but I also enjoy to watch HANDBALL and SOCCER, like most Norwegian stereotypes. I really really really really like shopping and fashion too. And as my name might imply; TAKING PICTURES is one of my hobbies.

I prefer MANGA compared to the ANIME, because I feel like the anime pretty much ruins the manga... Except for CODE GEASS. I enjoy KATEKYOSHI HITMAN REBORN, PRINCE OF TENNIS, OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, NABARI NO OU, DOGS: BULLETS AND CARNAGE and AXIS POWERS HETALIA.

` S T U F F

♥ I'm DENMARK at [profile] nation_ask

♥ I'm BELARUS at [personal profile] aphdressingroom

♥ I was stamped as JAPAN at [profile] hetalia_rate

Profile by Refuted | DevArt | Jazz and Roses - a blogg about Molde

Photo taken by my aunt

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